Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wenches of the Bitter Alleys

I've got one for ya, mate! Check it, I hate whores.

I hate all kinds of whores. I hate myspace whores, I hate Facebook whores, I hate fame whores, I hate attention whores, I hate cutter whores, I hate sexual whores, I just hate em all. Why, you ask, do I hate them? Well let me create a checklist:

I: They're unfunny.
II: They're sluts.
III: They take pictures at weird angles.
IV: Their shades are too big.
V: They try to take my money.
VI: They assume that I'm interested in whatever they have to say.
VII: They use two &'s, so instead of it being "Me & Him", it's "Me && Him". It's only ONE.
VIII: They have greasy-looking hair.
IX: They wear low-cut, slutty shirts and yell at people for staring at their chest.
X: If they read this, they'll post in anger, demanding tribute to their shopping fund (daddy's credit cards).

So there you have it, I hate whores. Check ya later.

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