Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wenches of the Bitter Alleys

I've got one for ya, mate! Check it, I hate whores.

I hate all kinds of whores. I hate myspace whores, I hate Facebook whores, I hate fame whores, I hate attention whores, I hate cutter whores, I hate sexual whores, I just hate em all. Why, you ask, do I hate them? Well let me create a checklist:

I: They're unfunny.
II: They're sluts.
III: They take pictures at weird angles.
IV: Their shades are too big.
V: They try to take my money.
VI: They assume that I'm interested in whatever they have to say.
VII: They use two &'s, so instead of it being "Me & Him", it's "Me && Him". It's only ONE.
VIII: They have greasy-looking hair.
IX: They wear low-cut, slutty shirts and yell at people for staring at their chest.
X: If they read this, they'll post in anger, demanding tribute to their shopping fund (daddy's credit cards).

So there you have it, I hate whores. Check ya later.

Mumblings of the Red Seas Part I

Huh. I'm new to this whole blog thing. Hopefully I won't be too terrible at it. For now, I'll post some random musings, just to put something on the front page.

So I'm playing Soulcalibur IV online, and guess who I fight for the seventh time in a row? A Kilik noob. What's the big deal with this guy? Sure he has some nice range moves, but they're sluggish and easy to predict and outwit. Thrust pole forward? Sidestep. Triple forward-hits? Sidestep that bad boy. High to low? Sidestep that mofo. It's perplexing why so many people online would choose Kilik. He's almost as bad as Maxi.

...well I figured I'd have more to write about than this, but meh. I'll post moar later. Peace out, homeslices.