Sunday, October 3, 2010

Melodies of the Bar - Blue Rondo a la Turk

Blue Rondo a la Turk, sung by Dave Brubeck. This guy is freaking awesome; I couldn't sing like that man if I tried. I especially love how he sings so perfectly in 9/8 time. I play this song in my jazz band, and a lot of the performers have trouble transitioning from 9/8 to 4/4 and back. Pretty good song, I'd say, if a bit tricky to capture the rhythm of.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mystical Displays of Witchcraft - 1942

Let's have one post that isn't hateful, shall we?

I've been playing a lot of NES games lately, and I've always been partial to vertical shooters. My favorite of the genre is 1942 on NES. I love the simplistic gameplay of it. Here's a video of it:

I suggest buying a cartridge and playing it all night, like I.

Nobleman's Account - The Behavior Of Certain Wenches

Sorry I haven't been updating, I've been a little carried away in thought. But I'm ready to share that now. I have a story; it's about my ex-girlfriend, how I'm nice, and how she's a bitch!

I have band classes with my ex-girlfriend in college. By some luck, I sit right next to her. We broke up nearly a year ago, and she's very sour about it. She's always been a passive-aggressive bitch to me since then, but I've been dealing with it. I haven't made any aggressive action toward her.

Then she cut my arm up with a sharp ring. All that shit's gonna change. Now normally I don't post this kind of personal matter on the internet for all to see, but none of my friends were available for me to vent to, so Blogger, here you are!

Any advice on how to be a spiteful person is appreciated.